We seek out schools and teachers who want to teach courses connected to Fábrica do Futuro’s essence. Courses that are able to capacitate people and companies based in our spaces and also those who are not, but want to develop towards entrepreneurship.

We are on a constant search for courses, workshops and lectures on the following subjects:

Teaching spaces

Room 1

BRL 300/shift

Fully equipped with a white board, a projector and a computer

Fits 15 people

319,6 square feet

Room 2

BRL 400/shift

Fully equipped with a white board, a projector and a computer

Fits 20 people

452 square feet


BRL 800/shift

Fully equipped with a white board and a projector

Fits 63 people

748,8 square feet

Availability may vary! Contact us about our schedule.

Free courses for the local community

The collaborators of companies based in Fábrica dedicate one hour a week to teaching short-duration classes for free geared toward our local community.

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