About Fábrica

We are an ecosystem of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology with the goal of powering local and international talent. Our focus is on developing startups and scaleups in the culture, education, entertainment, FoodTech, MarTech, Fintech and Healthcare fields. Fábrica do Futuro is a meeting point for businesses with purpose and innovation potential in the Brazilian scene.

We offer a distinguished “Go-Working” space for companies located in Porto Alegre’s 4º Distrito, which is adaptable for multiple needs and encourages an environment where experiences are exchanged and partnerships are created. We help our clients reach their goals using the best practices and other forms of orientation, such as mentors, specialists and consultants.


The set of buildings where FdoF is settled today were once a family-run Christmas decoration factory called Wanda Hauck. The mystique of Christmas charms this ideal of brotherhood within humanity, emulating values that translate into the dream of a happy, sustainable life. This basic element of manufacturing dreams, building our mission on a spiritual foundation made of strong human qualities is deeply ingrained in Fabrica’s DNA.

The starting point for our ecosystem was a world-class recording studio for both music and video: Audio Porto. Thus, art became the essential element on the entire theme of the building complex. Art is a powerful guiding line for the aforementioned values, being able to speak to all kinds of people on a profound and subjective level. The economic potential of a great content production center is unmeasurable, but the biggest benefit of looking at it this way is precisely that: being able to tread this human and sensible line within every activity on the complex, from fintecs to AI projects. We are talking about humanizing STEM and giving pragmatic applications to the humanities. A conceptual cross-over.

Where we’re located

Câncio Gomes Street, 609
Floresta, Porto Alegre, Brazil

51 3279-3762 | 51 98010-1059