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we are?

Fábrica do Futuro is an ecosystem which brings together and powers innovative initiatives. A concept that transcends notions of conventional private companies and proposes a global mindset in its practices. A place where art meets for global change, a meeting point for businesses with purpose and potential to innovate.

What do we offer?

More than workplaces, education and cultural initiatives, we offer unique experience for the development of people, ideas and innovative businesses through an ecosystem that consists of companies and entrepreneurs from various areas, establishing partnerships and receiving feedback directly from those who make it all happen. We don’t believe in passive work environments. The focus is on elevating the senses of Fábrica’s inhabitants through a global lens, including art, culture and continuous learning, offering every convenience for a positive and prosperous work routine.

How does changing the world with FdoF sound?

FdoF Spaces

Fixed Desks

A fixed spot, with the imprint of your very own derrière on the chair

Hot Desks

Find an available spot and call it yours for the day

Get to know our different plans

The pros of inhabiting Fábrica do Futuro

  • Electrical and caffeinated power is offered, as well as a fast internet connection and air-conditioning

  • Meeting rooms, an auditorium, and a reception space at your disposal with 24/7 security on-site

  • Pantry, zen space, locker room with showers, pet-friendly garden

  • Bike rack and individual lockers are also available to all our inhabitants

  • Networking opportunities, unique experiences and incredible events happen here daily